Working Bibliography

Iesha Wilcox

Dr. Arrington


9 September 2017


Should NCAA pay its athletes salaries?

During my brothers four years at Georgia Southern University as a football athlete, he experienced many hard ships because of the lack of funds that was provided to him. As an athlete, my brother would spend many hours throughout the week at practice and traveling from the games. Even after doing those things he still had responsibilities that he had to take care of such as his academics and other things that required having funds. But does this address the problem?

For quite some time now, the question about whether the NCAA should pay their athletes have been talked about frequently. NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. College athletics is a billion-dollar industry. Due to the increasing rates of college athletics, this figure will continue to rise. Fans, athletes and even some coaches argue that the NCAA should pay their athletes.

In my opinion, I strongly feel as though the NCAA should pay their athletes. I believe that college sports should be considered a profession. Even though these athletes receive scholarships that can be anywhere from $15,000-$25,000, but that’s what they earned in their years of high school. When I say getting paid I only mean stipend or weekly checks not thousands of dollars. All the hard work and dedication that college athletes put into their academics and the sport they play make them worthy enough for pay. Although this would be beneficial to the athletes there would also be cons to this debate. The pros of this is that the athletes would benefit highly from getting paid by the NCAA. The cons of this debate would be that the coaches and staff would most likely receive a salary cut and taxes could possibly be taken from the residents that live in that state.

College universities generate so much money during the year that its only fair they give the athletes a share of it. The athletes should get paid based on the university’s apparel sales and revenue. The main reason the NCAA is not allowed to pay their college athletes is because they (the athletes) can lose his/her eligibility if they are paid to play. The scholarships the coaches use to lure the student athletes in are only recruitment tactics. The scholarships only pay for the student’s tuition, room and board and books, but the athletes don’t have any left for other needs.

After seeing brother go through his adversities, and considering how much he contributed to the team. I firmly stand with my argument that college athletes should be paid. As I’ve stated this will benefit the players highly. College are well worth a pay just because they have to stay focus academically and focused whether their on the field or court.