Melanie stiletto gate

Stephen L. Miller made a post on fox news that cause a lot of controversy in media over a fashion statement made by Melanie Trump in Texas during the state’s crisis. She decided to wear stilettos on August 28, 2017. ¬†Well known informational and media sites such as New York Times, Vanity Fair and Vogue, and Washington Post all had written editorials on the first lady’s choice of footwear. Bloggers and journalist emphasized how the choice was perceived by them and other societal views of who Melanie Trump is and thoughts of her boarding the helicopter with the attire presented in the media.

Some points made by the bloggers/editors such as Robin Givhan who presented a post on The Washington Post’s presented a quote basically comparing apparel of previous first ladies to the current. Givhan made statement stating, “Hillary Clinton is owning the joke about her fashion choices- and its working” which was an attempt to argue Melanie Trump’s shoe choice. Previously, Givhan made a post criticizing former first lady Michelle Obama’s apparel which consisted of “dressed down clothing”. She stated that her outfit wasn’t “queenly” or “too average” or “common” for her role in society. This where I have a issue with Robin Givhan double standardizing the two.

Personally, I feel as the choice of footwear she choose to wear at the time wasn’t appropriate. ¬†Even though she has the right to wear whatever shoe she feels like she wants to put on that day. Texas is in need for tons of help and her putting on stilettos doesn’t give the people in Texas the sense or feeling that she is coming to help them.


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