Articulating Focus

  1. The focus of our presentation exerts if physical therapy is needed for athletic performance intervention and will the athletic performance be enhanced with or without an helmet. If so, are steroids and PEDs even more helpful for athletic performance and interventions.

*The focus is on equipment and advertising as it shapes issues related to athletic performance and intervention. 

2. Iesha will present her helmet to  determine if equipment helps or hinder athletic performance.  Jakenya will explain if exercise equipment for physical therapy is needed for for athletic performance and intervention.  Nedrick will present his artifact of PED use in a commercial to explain why steroids are helpful for athletic performance and intervention. This order is more beneficial because that’s the process for rehabilitation to intervention for athletic performance

3. The purpose of our presentation is to prove how our artifacts improve the athlete after intervention.

4.  Pathos- Telling stories about athletes and their performance. Logos- Using the artifacts to bring more attention to our issues. Ethos- Personal beliefs

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