A.) An Article of Clothing

  • On Thursday in the archives I found several artifacts of clothing and also a beach hat, employee flight pin and a apron.
  • The apron stood out most to me. It was white and green with stripes. It was a V neck cut vest style ans it tied in the back. On the left side of the breast “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” ¬†was printed right above the word “Eastern”. From observing I think that the vest was a collaboration between the Jameson Irish Whiskey and the Eastern Airlines. I did not get much information from the archive about the apron, but after I observed I did some research and I found out that an Eastern Airline flight was hijacked on St. Patrick’s Day so I believe that it is a possibility that this apron could have been worn on that day

B.) A piece of marketing merchandise

  • There were a lot of marketing merchandise that I seen in the Archive. Eastern Airlines make up case, Eastern Airlines bag clip and magnet, Eastern Airlines mugs , pins, coloring books, flight wings and toy airplanes.
  • The Carolyn Lee Willis business card caught my attention the most out of all of the marketing merchandise. It looks like a standard white card stock printed in two different shades of blue. The Eastern Airlines logo is on the front of it. In the top right corner above that is the Eastern Airlines headquarters and their number. In the bottom right corner is Carolyn’s full name and her position. With this merchandise their is a large poster describing how Carolyn became apart of the Airline.
  • Interesting fact is that Carolyn did graduate from “Georgia State University”.

C.) Internal Memo

  • I had a hard time trying to locate an internal memo. I did find a memo on the wall of many collections titled “The End: Eastern Airlines”. On the wall is a letter from the CEO of the Eastern Airlines. The wall is black and white with color photos and captions beside them. I’m pretty sure that the memo was typed using a type-write from the looks of it.

Drawing Conclusion/Why?

A.) An article of clothing/ (Apron)

  • I think that whoever wore the apron worked for the Eastern Airlines or wore it at one of the many events they had. The style of the vest makes you think that the person was a bartender, waitress or something in that sort. Just because now a days that is the style of vest that they wear.

B.) Marketing Merchandise/ (Carolyn Lee Willis)

  • From the looks of it she was a very dedicated hardworking woman. Due to the information found on the wall and from the GSU online archive collection I’m able to draw that conclusion.

C.) Internal Memo/ (Letter)

  • The expresses that the CEO was violating alarm on the road so I feel that is the main reason that the Eastern Airlines was shut down I came to this conclusion due to the title “The End: Eastern Airlines.”


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