Etymology on “Concussions

  • Find terms, phrases, ideas, fads, new ‘rules,’ key to the issue you’re investigating.
    • Term(s): Concussion
  • First post an artifact (image, audio file, etc.) illustrating the term.

  • Then write about the following:
    • Who defines the term and how do they do it (maybe more than one group)? (what evidence exists supporting that definition?)
      • According to Google, there are two definitions of the word concussion.
        1. temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the aftereffects such as confusion or temporary incapacity.
        2. a violent shock as from a heavy blow.
      • The evidence that exist that supports this definition is the image I have chosen above. It represents the motion of the brain against the human skull during a hard impact like a football collision. Additionally, it includes what happens to the brain after the collision.
    • When did the term first emerge in public discourse? Where?
    • What is the cultural, social, political impact of the term?
      • Cultural: For many years since the word of “concussion” became public parents of youth in football and other collision sports have started pulling their children out of the sport. Additionally, parents are being more cautious of how their children play the sport and enure their children stay safe.
      • Social: Change the way we view aspects of life, others, and actions.
      • Political: Influence the way our government acts on the issue of concussions and trying to prevent them.
    • Who is most affected by the term and how?
      • People who have experienced “concussions” have been impacted the most. As for due to their injury some have have had long-term effects. Effects include: persistent or severe headaches, blackout, fatigue, poor balance, amnesia, disorientation, mental confusion, sleep disturbances or sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, irritability, mild depression, ringing in the ears, or sensitivity to light. Others are affected due to the injury themselves causing them to not be able to participate or be restricted from sports, which can be detrimental to a NFL players life, or even a high school/collegiate athletes chances of going pro of receiving a scholarship.
    • Why do you think the term persists? What accounts for its power?
      • The term persists because there is no direct cure or way to prevent of it. The only thing that can be changed is the athletes participation in the sport, which as stated earlier can be truly detrimental.